Bioprinter Update 7

This was the last week of the summer, and it was spent wrapping up things in lab and getting ready for the school year. I finished a write up of the printer detailing how mine differs from the paper that I followed, what problems I encountered while constructing the printer, and how those problems were solved. I also created a protocol for the printer, so that students would be able to use the printer after I graduated.

I had been attempting to examine phage infections in my biofilm plates. However, the control with no phage displayed no film, and thus I was unable to determine if the rest of the plates had no film growth due to phage infection, or because there had been something wrong with my plating method. Unfortunately I was unable to repeat this experiment as I had run out of time for the summer. However, I was able successfully grow the films on a variety of surfaces including aluminum and acrylic. Both displayed visible signs of a biofilm when stained with crystal violet.