Bioprinter Update 6

I worked with a member of the iGEM team to successfully prepare the electrocompetent cells. During our last glycerol wash we were unable to recover the cells that adhered to the side of the falcon tube, and thus our final cell concentration of prepared cells was not as high as it should have been. The cells are currently residing in the -80 in the BEL for future use. The shuttle vector arrived, however, we are going to wait until the school year to begin experimenting with the electroporation.

For my two smegmatis phages, after getting them to plaque pure,I was able to isolate their DNA through a rather arduous procedure. Below is a picture of a gel electrophoresis of one of the phage’s DNA. The very bright band is from my sample, and while it is not a very clean cut band and it is hard to determine the exact length of the fragment, it is very bright, indicating it does contain DNA.

image (3)