Writing Horror: Wrap-Up

For this final post, I will be reflecting on the journey I went on this summer, writing and revising my own horror screenplay as well as reading and observing countless others for research. The entire process has been incredibly informative and important for my own development as a writer, and I hope that the lessons I learned along the way have been helpful to you.

If I had to condense everything I learned this summer into one, big takeaway that I think could be helpful to anyone who writes, I think it would be this:


Every single detail has meaning.


This may seem simple, but I think that remembering this little fact as you write will always lead to a better product. It can be easy to focus only on a few major points of a piece, but the truth is that every word, every phrase is a choice, and those choices will always have some meaning to them. Remembering this will allow you to create a final product that weaves together every detail like the scales on a snake, with every piece flowing in unison towards a common goal.

Whether you’re writing a research paper or a couplet, this rule holds true, and I hope that it, along with all of the other takeaways from my project, can help anyone hone their craft. I know it has helped me immensely.

To anyone who wants to see a completed copy of my script, Mother Knows Best, I will have it at the Monroe Research Symposium, along with a display highlighting what I learned through the entire process.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to check in with my work over the summer, I had a fantastic time crafting my first horror script. I look forward to creating more in the near future!