Summary post

At the beginning of the summer, my advisor told me that his primary goal for me this summer was to have me become familiar with the experiment so I’ll be more prepared when the school year begins.  I remember how confused I was when I first arrived at JLab- everyone was talking about components I’d never heard of and using acronyms that were entirely meaningless to me. Not to mention, the group of people who actually live nearby and are working on site is fairly small, so everybody knows who everybody is and what they are working on. That meant that somebody could say something along the lines of “oh, so-and-so is down in the hall, they should be done in an hour” and everybody would know who that was and exactly what they were working on- except for me. It took me at least a month to really start to get up to speed on what was going on, but now that August has arrived, I think I’ve done it.

Beyond the general familiarity with the project that I have acquired, I’ve also completed some concrete projects. As I mentioned previously, I wrote a script that will compute the Fourier Transform of any subset of data that we collect. Although the code hasn’t been used much in the past few weeks, I think it will become important again for CREx and for the PREx data analysis. I also finished all of my training and took lots of data collection/beam monitoring shifts, which are essential for the experiment to run properly. (Not to mention, if I get one more shift between now and May, I’ll be guaranteed authorship on both the PREx and the CREx papers). Finally, I did some work troubleshooting the beam modulation system. This work was again essential for the experiment to run properly, and I was able to explain my findings to my graduate student so she is now better equipped to handle future problems. Overall, it was a very productive and rewarding summer, and I am excited to continue my research as I proceed with my honors thesis this year!