Update 6 : Composing and Recording an EP

This post is regarding my third two-day session at the studio.

Last week we had finished up with the instrumentation for the three electric songs, as well as the guitars for two of the acoustic songs. During the week long break I ended up scrapping the third acoustic song in its entirety. I worked on a different idea during this break, and began recording guitars for it when I entered the studio this week. The guitar parts were relatively simple for this track, so it didn’t take very long to get done with them.

After all the guitars for the three acoustic tracks were done, we started recording the bass. We didn’t face any problems with the first two tracks, since I had been able to rehearse them with my bassist before entering the studio. The third track, however, he hadn’t heard before, so we took a bit of time with that. By the end of the first day we were all done with the bass, so we ended up making good progress.

On the second day we recorded percussion for these three acoustic tracks. We started off with the cajon, using it for only one of these tracks. I had originally planned for it to feature on two of the acoustic tracks, but after some discussion in the studio we decided drums would sound better on that. The cajon took about an hour to finish up, after which we moved on to drums. Again, as I hadn’t been able to rehearse one of the tracks with my drummer, we spent a bit more time than usual finishing up these two tracks.

By the end of the day we had completed all the percussion for these two tracks. As anticipated, I had to book two more days for vocals and final editing, after which my work on this project will be complete.