Assembley of The Bioprinter: Week 6

This week I worked to assemble the machine head. I used the beams that I cut last week and screwed them together with the beams in the planned design. I then assisted Jonathan in drilling holes in the aluminum plate components. We used the drill press to cut holes in the aluminum plates. It took quite a while aligning the holes so that each component, lead screw, and rod would be perpendicular to the  machine and in the right space. The lead screw would be inserted into one hole and a steel pole and linear bearing in another hole. We had to do multiple cuts as the holes originally interfered with the clean movement of the plunge. If the holes remained incorrect we would chafe the machine part and have uneven plunging of the syringe.  When the head was fully assembled it about a foot tall and two inches wide and deep. The head was mounted on the machine with four t – nut screws sliding through the face plate of the gantry. The head had to be assembled and disassembled about three times until it was uniformally straight and secure. At the end of the week we had the machine extrude head assembly which could have the syringe substituted with any modular syringe plunger and work effectively.