Assembley of The Bioprinter: Week 5

This week we worked to replace the plastic components of the machine head with sturdier aluminum constructions. Jonathan worked to unpack and wire the tiny – G controller. The tiny – G controller is an instrument that can control four different stepper motors and is integral to moving the pump in the design. My job was to design a easy to assemble machine head that would be heavy enough not to bow from the moving parts, but light enough to hold a 90 degree angle with the rest of the machine. I used Autodesk Inventor to download different accessible parts we had in the makerspace including aluminum rail beams, screws, and tee nuts. The result was an aluminum constructed prototype that seemed to fit our specifications. I chose to use aluminum rail beams as they are common components which can be cheaply bought from McMasters. The design would be mounted in place of the router holder we had previously installed. In addition I worked with Jonathan to cut out the syringe pump holder out of aluminum. The plan is to place one of the components below the lip and another above the lip of the syringe pump and by moving a lead screw up and down we may extrude out of the syringe. I disassembled that piece and unmounted the z  axis to attach the head. On the Friday of this week I learned how to use the cold saw to cut the aluminum rail beams down to four inches. I plan on continuing the assembly next week.