Integration of Collegiate Sports Athletics: Update 5

After some edits to the questions, the survey was released on August 3rd. After a less-than optimal amount of initial responses, I’ve sent a follow-up email to those who have responded, thanking them for their time and asking them to endorse and pass on the survey link to those at other schools. For those that haven’t responded, I’ve sent a reminder email politely asking them to take the survey. I’ll wait several days before moving on with any analysis; ideally I’d like to hit at least thirty responses. Until then, that gives me some time to continue working on my literature analysis.

It’s a little frustrating, as I cannot even identify initial trends in the response data due to the lack of submissions. Here’s hoping that will change. I’m still very optimistic, as there are several weeks left in summer. Even so, I’m happy so far with the variety of both sports and positions that are being represented in the results as of now, even more so because some big-name schools’ coaches have taken the time to respond.

Another option is pulling out more names from the Excel document and manually contacting them, however, given my already low response rate as of now, I’m not sure that’s the best course of action.