Last Week of Summer

Last week was my last week of research for this summer. Since I only had one week after returning from Toronto, I mainly worked on bringing my notebook up to date, doing upkeep with my cells, and lab maintenance. The Gingras lab sent us tubes of the N2A cells that we froze down in Toronto so that we have a baseline cell line for the N2As– for some reason, the only N2A line we had in the lab was N2As stably transfected with GFP. Ashley and I also met with Dr. Hinton to discuss our experience in Toronto and where we want to go from here. We’re definitely not lacking on things to work on! In the next few weeks, the N2A stable lines will hopefully be ready so that we can start those experiments in the fall. Next week, Dr. Hinton is going to do a Western blot to try and see what’s going on with the truncated domains in the PC12 cells since I was having issues with those plasmids before Toronto, so hopefully we’ll be able to work out that issue soon.