Blog Post 4 GRBcelL BioPrinter

This week was a busy week mostly comprised of odd jobs that needed to be done for the printer. The first few days were mostly spent on making a metal head for the syringe holder and making groves ridges such that the plastic’s rails rigidly fit into the metal plate. Most of this time was spent using the Tormach to drill into an aluminum base. While that was being designed and milled out, the team spent a good part of Tuesday-Wednesday drafting a way to create a universal holder for the syringe plunger that could push and pull the plunger to dispense liquid. While the general design was largely based off other bioprinter designs, namely a design found from the International Society of Biofabrication, but this model was far from interchangeable. On inspection of the standard size and shape of syringes, it was discovered that for manufacturing almost all syringes hold a circular cap and an X looking portion of plastic to hold a rigid structure. This X cross remains a constant width across the sizes of syringes. Thus a metal clip was designed in with a triangular clip that was able to grip the bottom of any syringe with this X cross (or a similar structure). A plastic prototype was constructed (and a metal one will be finalized next week on the bandsaw). A general carriage for the syringe plunger was also constructed and tested with a stepper motor, though it seems that metal parts will have to be used instead of plastic to avoid total collapse. In addition, the team worked on many minor tasks. A laser engraver cut a hole for the fan and wiring for the fan and the Arduino was corrected to name a few.