Fish Filtration Analysis: Model Analysis and Development

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Film Analysis
The beginning of my research began with filtration analysis of our existing models. Dr. Sanderson’s lab works with four models: asymmetrical, symmetrical, conical, and cylindrical. We place these models facing laminar flow and film dye patterns. We observed interesting fluid behaviors in our models so I parsed through our footage frame by frame to qualitatively analyze our dye streams. I noted improvements that need to be made in our filming procedures in order to capture dye patterns that would be clearer for quantitative analysis. We’ve attached a scale bar onto one of the ribs of our model in order to use dimensionless analysis to find the size of the patterns we observe in the models. I would like to analyze the velocity of the fluids we see in the models. Therefore, to get the fluid velocity, I divided the distance measured of the fluid patterns by the time.

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Model Design
In collaboration with Dr. Sanderson, I propose three different models to improve the filtration. So, using an architectural design software, Sketchup, I have completed one of my models and am in the process of designing the second. Each model has several variations but maintain the general design structure. Next, I analyzed each variation of the model using Sketchup, comparing the dimensions of the model. Additionally, I used scientific studies in order to guide structural changes I made to the models. Therefore, I based my second model’s design on the shape of basking shark. Basking sharks exemplify model ram filter feeding and I will compare the dimensional changes to the model against the original model.

After the development of my designs, I will order the models from Shapeways, a 3-D printing company. Next, I will conduct and film filtration experiments. Using the footage I will compare the dye patterns of the models. Ultimately, I hope that the changes I make to the model design will be apparent in the future footage. However, I still have a lot of designing to do so I will keep posting my model design progress.