Female World War II pilots in historical fiction

I plan on writing a historical fiction piece about a romance between two women. I imagined two central characters loosely inspired by actual historical figures: a British spy working with a Resistance cell in central Europe and a Russian female fighter pilot. Sasha, the pilot, crash-lands in enemy territory, and Stella, the spy, discovers her and helps her avoid capture. Sasha had gone to war hoping to die a hero because she believed that as a butch lesbian, she had no future. However, she begins to change her mind – the two women come from wildly different backgrounds but find themselves drawn together and fall in love. Stella wrestles with feelings of internalized homophobia, and both women must risk their lives and cope with the daily realities of war. Ultimately, Sasha decides to forsake her identity and homeland, spread the word that she has been killed in action, and start a new life after the war with Stella as a refugee. Although my characters and their interactions are fictional, I hope to keep the details as historically accurate as possible, since there were actually all-female Russian fighter and bomber regiments who fought in World War II. I hope to someday turn this piece into a full-length novel, but I know I will most likely not be able to write a full novel over the course of the summer. I plan to spend my first few weeks of research reading similar historical fiction novels and non-fiction works about women in World War II, Russian female pilots, Resistance tactics, and espionage.

I am not yet sure how long each chapter will be, but I expect to produce somewhere around 70 pages of work over the course of seven weeks. On average, I hope to write about ten pages a week, but the first two weeks will be more research-intensive, so I will spend more time writing in the last five weeks. I tend to write in a non-linear manner rather than writing chapters in chronological order, but I have drafted a tentative outline of major plot points: Sasha crash-lands and meets Stella, Sasha and Stella travel across the countryside together, Sasha gets wounded on a Resistance mission, Stella realizes she has feelings for Sasha, Sasha and Stella’s friend and fellow soldier is executed, Sasha rejoins her regiment, Stella thinks that Sasha has been killed in action, Stella continues her Resistance work and witnesses the liberation, Sasha and Stella are reunited, and Sasha and Stella leave together to settle down in Britain or elsewhere. I can try to cover these major plot points in my ~70 pages and then revise and supplement this piece in the future.