Final Summary

As I wrap up with my data analysis, it doesn’t seem like our data was very conclusive. Running correlations revealed a weak positive relationship between internal attribution and devaluation in both India and the US. We also found a similar relationship between relational mobility and devaluation. These findings could suggest that internal attribution style and greater opportunity to move around a community contribute to higher levels of mental health stigma. With that being said, there is a possibility that a good portion of our responses were robots, as we used Mechanical Turk for our data collection, which could have potentially affected our results. A continuation of the project with more data analysis would be the only way to yield more conclusive results.

Overall, this research experience has been nothing like I expected, especially in its takeaways. I went into it with very little experience expecting to have it go smoothly and just as planned, and I quickly realized that’s not how research works. Despite my frustrations during the initial process, I’ve realized working through the minute details and unexpected mistakes is what makes the research work worth the time and effort. In retrospect, I think a research project is about continuous growth and adjustment, and it really takes a certain kind of flexibility and open mindedness to pursue it. While I’m not exactly where I expected to be 2 months ago, I’m satisfied with the work I have done and the progress I have made, even if it was just through exposure.