Update 4: Race and Politics

I am nearly done with my paper and have completed the base structure of what I hoped to write. I really like how the paper has turned out in the way it is structured. It blends football information and historical information both separately and together at different points. I wanted to to write a paper that would be interesting to both sports fans and historians and I believe I am accomplishing it right now. The story also naturally unveils itself in a chronological order which adds to its intrigue.

I have not accomplished as much as I hoped to originally when I thought of this topic. However, that was mainly because my original plans were too broad to be under one paper. Instead, I discovered that my historical case was far more complex than I expected. There is a lot more that I expect to add to my paper and a lot more that I won’t/can’t add. I am excited to see what the final product will look like. I expect it to be a good allegory to questions facing our society today.