Update 3- Writing and Wrapping Up

For the past few weeks I have been reading a few more articles to add to my literature review and to use in the body of my paper. Reading so many articles has shown me how much researchers rely on the works of others. I have also been continuing my field research, which will end this coming week, and have been working on writing my paper. The field research has been very interesting, and while some sessions have definitely been more active than others, less busy times at the garden have made it possible to make some observations on the physical layout/aspects of the garden and surrounding park that impact how the garden functions. In my paper I have found it a bit difficult to clearly describe the differences between urban agriculture, traditional community gardens, sharing gardens, and urban farms, so I am going to spend a bit more time working on clarifying my terms and concepts.

This project has stood out to me as very different from the type of research I usually do at school during my classes because it is based on field research, not readings or online research. Actually doing field research has shown me a whole other part of the research process and how challenging it can be. Writing this paper has also been very different from previous papers I’ve written- usually there is some kind of outline or organization set out by the course, but for this paper it is all up to me. It has been fun to get to make all the choices related to the paper, but also difficult, as it is harder to decide how to organize. I think that by the end, this project will have definitely improved my ability to read research effectively and organize my writing. I am looking forward to finishing the project and posting the final summary soon!