Abstract: Media Representation of Mental Health in Spain

For my summer project, I will investigate the representation of mental health in Spain by examining media portrayals of mental illness, specifically in children’s television programming and movies. I aim to gain a better understanding of how mental health is represented in the media and how these representations are expressed in Spanish culture. I will spend about 2 weeks researching previous work done on mental health representation in media, as well as creating a base list of Spanish children’s programs and movies. Then I will travel to Cadiz, Spain for 5 weeks to explore current television programming and observe television viewing culture. The final couple of weeks will be dedicated to finalizing a paper that will be available in both Spanish and English. I believe mental health and the stigmas associated with it are prevalent across cultures though they may differ in expression. I hope to shed light on this phenomenon through my research by answering the following question: what kind of representation of mental health is prevalent in popular children’s media in Spain, and how does this image compare to the representations in the United States?