Abstract: Shrimp Populations in Chesapeake Bay Shorelines

This summer, I will study shrimp populations living in different habitats of the Chesapeake Bay. The research team I will be part of will specifically study living versus nonliving shorelines, and I will be responsible for analyzing the shrimp in those two settings. Broadly, I hope to answer how habitats in the Bay change based on the surrounding ecosystem. The team will be analyzing all main species that inhabit the areas, like fish and birds, with the intention of answering questions about their health and success living among the shorelines. Specifically, I hope to answer how the shrimp thrive in living (natural) versus nonliving (manmade or abrupt) shorelines. I will answer this question based on a number of other questions. For example, do more shrimp live in a natural habitat? Are the shrimp in natural habitats healthier, and if so, how? Does the water quality affect shrimp populations? What other species affect the shrimp populations? At the end, I hope to have plentiful data in order to form a conclusion about the health of shrimp based on their habitats.