Crossing the Finish Line

Coming into this summer I knew I had my work cut out for me, however now I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed putting in the hard work and effort into such a paper, especially about such an interesting topic.  I’ve given an abstract description of the topic of my paper, but I will include the more recent description of my paper now that I’ve completed it.

I chose to write my paper about the European Financial Crisis after reading so much about it in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, however I never really knew the strict causes of it, nor did I know what a huge impact it could have on such a globalized economy but the topic itself intrigued me!  I mean can you imagine going to the bank in order to get a loan but being turned away despite being a very good customer; losing your job because of sudden cutbacks; being unable to repay your  credit card balances and home equity loan because of deflating housing values  and minimal home equity?  That is exactly why I figured it would be the perfect thing to research.

In writing my paper, I followed my proposal, answering the questions mentioned.  However, in realizing what an important factor the American Financial Crisis was, I decided to include more of a global perspective in my paper, also including the possible crises that could arise in the future as opposed to housing bubbles that could arise in the future, and how they could be resolved in the future.  Considering the headlines being published lately such as ‘the Fed’s regimen will not remedy Europe’s Ills” and “Financial Markets: Hurrah before the Storm,” this is a very important topic to consider for the future.   I also included the relationship between the societal and political and the crisis, specifying how the leadership has impacted the crisis as well as how to prevent crises in the future.

All in all, despite the change in my thesis halfway through, it was definitely the best research experience I’ve had thus far.  I look forward to delving even deeper into the crises in the future.  One thing is for sure, my research will not stop here!