Last Post: Final thoughts on Lofexidine Project

Hello everyone,

Continuing the discussion from the last post, the data on temperature insensitive cells is adequate, but the warm-sensitive cell data is lacking because they are relatively uncommon. Warm-sensitive cells aren’t found in high concentrations in any particular area so the only way to find them is to go in blind with the micropipette electrodes.

The only way to find more warm-sensitive cells is to just give it more time and by chance, I will find more warm-sensitive cells. It will help to have more people in the lab during the school year. Over the summer, it was essentially only me working on this project, and during the school year, I along with at least 2 other lab partners take care of the rig, making sure the aCSF and the oxygen does not run out. We also take turns finding cells, which give each of us a break once in a while. Hopefully, in the fall, the efficiency will increase with more people, and we can finish the project hopefully by the end of September. We should have about 4 people working in the lab this fall.

This concludes my posts for this summer. I wish this summer could have yielded more in terms of warm-sensitive cell data, but at least enough data has been gathered for temperature-insensitive data.