Post 3: Week 5-7

Hello again,

I’m going to talk about the data from the last 3 weeks of the project.

4 sets of usable data were collected. Potentially, 8 or 9 sets of data could have been obtained, but perhaps due to older artificial cerebrospinal fluid used, neurons seemed to expend themselves metabolically too early to finish data collection. Each data set requires about half an hour of recording, and about half of the neurons I recorded from died before the recording was complete. Regardless, the 4 sets of data I did collect were good.

All 4 cells were found to be temperature-insensitive and unresponsive to Lofexidine, which is excellent. With this additional data, it certainly seems that temperature-insensitive neurons do not have the receptors that Lofexidine acts on. A few more sets of data will add to the validity of that conclusion. Sadly, I will need more data on warm-sensitive neurons for this experiment, and it is difficult because they are relatively uncommon. While I won’t be able to find enough of those cells this summer, I think I can find enough sets on warm-sensitive cells within the first several weeks of the fall semester to make the conclusion that Lofexidine acts to increase the firing rates of warm-sensitive neurons.

With the next post, I’ll talk about improvements I can make to the lab procedures, and make concluding remarks about the project.