Well, I’m done. I finished revising each of my stories, and I submitted them to my adviser. This project ended up spanning a long period of time. Since I was planning to study abroad in Japan last semester, I actually started working on it in January. Then my program was canceled because of the radiation levels in Japan, and I had even more time to work on my project. I wrote a super-rough draft of each story first, then I went back over each draft and made any changes I thought were necessary. (There were always quite a few.) After that, I sent the drafts to my adviser, Professor Ava Coibion, who read each one and sent it back to me with suggestions. I then revised the stories and submitted them to her again, this time as final drafts.

I enjoyed fleshing out characters who only showed up briefly in some of my stories from my creative writing class and creating new characters with connections to them. I tried to make Silhouette, the town in which my stories occur, feel like a real place, and I hope that I succeeded.

Still, now that I am done, I felt that there are more stories to be told. I can think of at least ten other characters–whether they were only briefly mentioned or played a larger role in this series of short stories–who deserve their own stories. Maybe I’ll revisit Silhouette later and explore the lives of some of its other inhabitants.

I’d like to thank Professor Ava Coibion for all her help on this project. Without her critiques of my rough drafts, I would have ended up with more than a few awkward-sounding bits of dialogue and exposition. I’d also like to thank Elizabeth Neidenbach for answering any questions I had about the project.