Seventh Story Rough Draft Completed

My seventh story is told from the point of view of Stephen Applegate, the ex-husband of Agatha Laurens, who was the best friend and secret crush of Molly Huang. In this story, Stephen briefly returns to Oasis, the city where he was born. There he meets Richmond Patch, who has been reduced to begging on the street. After Richmond saves him from a mugger, the two men have a short conversation in which Richmond reveals that he is from Silhouette and is trying to get back there. Stephen offers to give him a ride as a show of gratitude. On the way back, they tell each other their stories. Richmond tells Stephen about his fight with his mother and his decision to run away from home. He explains that he went from town to town for years, picking up low-paying jobs and staying in bad apartments before moving on. After a while, he ended up in Oasis, where he couldn’t find a  job and ended up becoming a bum. Stephen tells Richmond about how he met Agatha in college and eventually married her, only to have her divorce him and reveal that she’d been cheating on him years later.

Finally, they arrive at the Patch household, where Miami is sitting on the porch, writing poetry. When Richmond approaches her, she punches him in the face, yells at him for abandoning the family, and tells him to leave. Just to grind salt into the wounds, she shows him Colt and calls him Richmond’s “replacement.” Just as Richmond is about to leave, his mother shows up at the door and runs out to hug him. Richmond decides to return to the family. The story ends with Stephen driving off, smiling.

I decided to tell this story from Stephen’s point of view because I wanted it to be told from the point of view of someone unfamiliar with the Patches. I also wanted to show what happened to Agatha’s marriage. (By the way, I’ll be doing her story next.)

I decided that Stephen went to the same private school that Miami attends: Green Lake High. This was mainly just to show continuity, but I also figured that a town like Silhouette wouldn’t have many private schools.

Originally, this story was going to have a much more depressing ending. It was going to end right after Miami chews Richmond out, with Richmond coming back to Stephen’s car and leaving. But then I decided that I wanted the end of this story to offer some hope for Stephen, who is currently depressed because his divorce has just been finalized, as well as for the reader.