Sampling Done!

So while I don’t have a ton to report at the moment, my blood collections are finally finished! Just a reminder, they take so long to do because each person can only sample up to four birds a day, one from each of the four rooms in the aviary. There were 180 birds to do […]

Sampling and more sampling

So I am a little late in writing this post as I just finished up my fifth week of research, but I actually should be here doing research for a full ten weeks this summer. There is not too much to report from the past couple weeks; I continue to sample the finches that have […]

A slight change to the design of my project…

Just a reminder for anyone reading this, my original project was listed as the effects of methylmercury on corticosterone in European starlings, seeking to discover if methylmercury has endocrine-disrupting effects. Corticosterone is analagous to cortisol in humans, and in birds it serves multiple purposes depending on what state the bird is in. When the bird […]