Zebra Finch Update 4

This week has been a continuation of last week’s progress where I have been reading literature to adjust my protocol as well as going through the data I have. As I mentioned, I have one clutch of 4 zebra finch chicks and I am measuring their weight as well as observing their behavior– such as […]

Zebra Finches Update 3


This past week, I have continued to mass and observe the zebra finches as they grow and develop. I have run into some technical problems, but am working out the kinks in my protocol. For example, I have been struggling with recording their begging calls as the room they are housed in is too loud […]

Zebra Finch Begging: Update 1

This week and last were dedicated to setting up the necessary technology for my project and troubleshooting. For my project, I am observing the begging behavior and calling structure of zebra finches when exposed to a mercury or control based sub-lethal treatment. Currently, I have 3 control pairs and 2 mercury treated pairs set up […]