Final Post

During this summer, I mainly examined the question of how the Cherokees remembered the Civil War. Through reading different types of sources, such as correspondence, oral history transcripts, and newspaper, I discovered the close relationship between the Cherokee Civil War memories and their political and sociocultural identity. I summarized eight themes in their popular remembrance […]

Update 3: More archives and preparing for the final product

Since my last update, I’ve been reading more sources on the Cherokees who fought first for the Confederacy then for the Union. I mainly focused on the collection of the papers of the principal chief, John Ross, throughout the war. His papers further supported my thought that slavery was not a major concern in Cherokees’ […]

Update 2: Complexities of Memories

Since my last update, I immersed myself in reading the primary documents from five tribes in the Indian Pioneer Papers, Grant Foreman Collection from Oklahoma Historical Society, and microfilm collection Cherokee Nation Papers in Western History Collection of the University of Oklahoma. The sources include correspondence, newspaper articles and editorials, obituaries, petitions, general orders, and […]