Women in STEM: Post #2


At this point, I have conducted 34 interviews, thereby reaching and surpassing my minimum sample size. I expect to finish the summer with roughly 40 interviews around which to focus my final paper. I have traveled from D.C. to Los Angeles, through San Francisco and Dallas, and on to Houston. Before I make it back […]

Women in STEM: I made it through week #1.


I have just finished my first week of interviews! This also happened to be my busiest week of the project, with a total of ten appointments. I feel it is also appropriate to mention that five of those interviews occurred in the same 24-hour period. That day was a bit of a marathon. Despite the […]

Palestinian Women and Politics in the West Bank

Palestinian women assumed that because they were active partners in the liberation movement, then Palestinian society would strive for women’s full political representation. Intifada activities removed gender barriers and held men and women equally responsible for the nationalist struggle. However, Palestinian women assumed incorrectly and it was not until 2005 that local election law was […]