Visible Grief: 17th and 18th Century Mourning Attire

March 1, 1738 Virginia Gazette Excerpt

In this project update I’m sharing what I’ve learned about mourning attire. Mourning clothing is a concept we are not entirely unfamiliar with. After all, 21st century Americans still abide by the practice of wearing black (or at least solemn colors) to funerals. However, mourning attire in the 17th and 18th centuries was more regulated, […]

The 18th Century Firm: Tobacco Plantations & Scottish Stores

My summer in Williamsburg is teaching me about mosquitos, humidity, and history. On July fourth most Williamsburg visitors were focused on the fireworks but my attention strayed as it commonly does now to the houses lining Duke of Glouster Street. Houses like the opulent and sinister red paneled Randolph house were built on the foundation […]

Final Reflections

Five predominant themes regarding the court system’s institutional responsiveness to Spanish-speaking Latino immigrants emerged over the course of my research: the language barrier, immigration status, driving policies and transportation, identification, and cultural differences. In both Williamsburg/James City County and Fairfax County, respondents named the language barrier as one the biggest obstacles faced by Spanish-speaking Latinos […]