Monroe Update 1

Civil Conflict in Peripheral Nations: Media Coverage, Public Opinion and Diplomatic Response A large portion of the beginning of my research was focused on hammering down the more abstract pieces of my research question and related concepts. I understood the basics of what I wanted to know: why do losses of life in some nations […]

Modeling Accessibility of Hospitals in Malawi using GIS

The model.

In the final section of my Monroe Project, I’ve been exploring some new ways GIS can be used in interdisciplinary research in developing countries. One topic I’ve been exploring more deeply is modeling accessibility of hospitals in Malawi using GIS. It is important to know how accessible hospitals are to populations, especially in developing countries, […]

Catholic environmental theology: concluding remarks

For my Monroe project, I read about 20 books and articles by almost as many theologians ranging from popes to professors to councils of bishops. In all of these, I found several constant themes. A solicitude for the natural world for its own sake was consistently present, as was the assumption that our ecological situation […]