Update 3: Wrapping Up

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on writing the paper that aggregates all of my research into a neat little package. Organizing all of my notes and turning them into a paper has been the hardest part of the process. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading articles on sustainability in global health, I […]

Entering the Final Stretch (Carcinogen Regulation)

I am now entering my seventh week of research, but it certainly doesn’t seem like seven weeks have passed since I began my research (That is until I look at all of the journal articles, books, and law reviews I have read and then reread). I feel like I now have a more generalized understanding […]

Chilean Memoirs Update 3: Writing

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been writing, and avoiding writing by reading, and then forcing myself to write some more. Unfortunately, most of the advice I’ve read about memoir writing has suggested that I am not old enough to be writing a memoir,  that I don’t have any life events worth writing a memoir […]