Update 3: Case Studies

In my last post, I talked about Second Wind Cottages in Newfield, NY, as that organization seemed to be the closest fit to what I envision for a homeless housing community in Williamsburg. In this post, I’ll discuss the other case studies I researched, and go through details of each and what could be added […]

Update 3: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

I am currently in my last week of research for the summer, trying to finish my examination of the three genes I’ve been working with. As I write this blog, I am running a third in situ hybridization with all of these genes: hdac7, psme3, and c9. The hdac7 probe I used worked in the […]

Update 3: Wrapping Up

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on writing the paper that aggregates all of my research into a neat little package. Organizing all of my notes and turning them into a paper has been the hardest part of the process. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading articles on sustainability in global health, I […]