Update 2: Poor Timing

The past few weeks have gone relatively well. I was able to add the finishing touches to my experimental (mindfulness) and control (psychoeducation) programs, post flyers and recruit participants and start bringing people into the lab. This was very exciting for me, it was the first time that everything came together and I felt very […]

Global Health Update 2: Narrowing Down My Topic

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.52.38 PM

Since my initial update about my exploration of medical volunteering, I have shifted my broader focus to include sustainability of actors besides NGOs and medical schools, which are the primary providers of medical volunteers. Now, I have overviewed and mapped out the key players in global health, which my research has revealed to be: Multilateral institutions […]

Update on Carcinogen Regulation Research

I am now entering my fourth week of research. Since my last blog post, I have read “In Search of Safety: Chemicals and Cancer Risk,” which gave me an expansive overview of carcinogen regulation. It used the case studies of Formaldehyde and Benzene as models to show the complex interactions between agencies and other interests […]