Tiny Housing Update 2: Second Wind Case Study

I’ve recently been working on researching the most appealing of my case studies- Second Wind Cottages in Newfield, NY. Ideally, this would be the community model I would want to see replicated for the Williamsburg area. Here’s an overview of this organization: – Second Wind Cottages are for homeless men to find a safe home […]

Things are happening!!!

After about 2 weeks of restless waiting, our renewed protocol was finally approved, which means the data collection of the study is finally starting!! As I was writing a brief summary of the purpose of our study, I had to go back to do some more research in regards to attribution styles in both American […]

Update 2: Wound Healing in Neural Cells

In the weeks since my last post, I have encountered some issues in the lab as well as some exciting successes. I performed another in situ hybridization with my hdac7 gene along with another gene, psme3. The probe I made for hdac7 worked well and I was able to see a definite signal in the […]