Global Health Update 2: Narrowing Down My Topic

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Since my initial update about my exploration of medical volunteering, I have shifted my broader focus to include sustainability of actors besides NGOs and medical schools, which are the primary providers of medical volunteers. Now, I have overviewed and mapped out the key players in global health, which my research has revealed to be: Multilateral institutions […]

Chilean Memoirs Update 2: On Memoirs and Memoiring


For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on parts 2&3 of my project: reading memoirs (and finding the landscapes within them) by Chilean authors, as well as attempting to start the writing process for my own memoir about Chile. I’ll start with the reading, because it is by far the easier part. […]

Different Catalysts for Photochem

We decided to synthesize a cobalt catalyst for photochem. This cobalt should be able to bond to TiO2 semiconductor via anchoring group. However, the product was not soluble in multiple common solvents, which makes it impossible to take NMR or Echem. Therefore, we switched to the Pd catalysts our collaborator sent us. These catalysts have […]