Post #3: America’s Perception of the US’s K-12 Public Education System

Hey everyone, So here’s my third post about how my project is going so far this summer. There’s not too much interesting new information to share with anyone.  The first half of the summer I focused on researching my topic and gathering data and statistics about opinions and countries. Now I’m moving on to actually […]

Comparing Educational Practices – Finished!

Hello everyone! My project has been finished for a while but I am also done with my final paper now!  I’m so happy that I got to have this experience this summer.  Although it was a research project, I think the biggest benefit I got from my project was all of the experience I gained […]

Comparing Educational Practices – Weeks 6 and 7

Hi all!  I’m done with my project (mostly)!  I should really say I’m done observing and I’ve completed the official 7 weeks of the project – I haven’t written my final paper or finished researching, so I’m going to keep working when I have time.  This blog post will be about the last 2 weeks […]