Final Summary: Drawing Conclusions

humidity and movement chart

It is hard to believe the summer is already over – it seems like just yesterday I was tagging my first toad! Field work has its challenges (mosquitos, bad weather, MUD) but overall I have found the experience to by highly rewarding. I have enjoyed getting to be outside all day studying species that fascinate […]

Blog Post Two: Preliminary Movement Patterns

Hello Again! As always, the past two weeks have been filled with tracking! We also tagged a few more pickerel frogs during a large rainstorm last week, as the wet conditions brought them out in full force! Most species will begin migrating away from breeding ponds soon, making it more difficult to track them, so […]

Annual Movement Patterns of Pond-breeding Anurans: An Understudied Mechanism of High Conservation Concern

Migration is a major part of the life histories of most anuran (frogs and toads) species, and yet very little is currently understood about this process. My research will examine the movement patterns of frogs and toads in the southeastern Virginia region as they migrate between breeding and wintering grounds. Using a novel technique known […]