Beyond the Bench: The Value of Extrajudicial Writings

Now that I’m well into my research essay, I finally feel ready to offer some conclusions about the value of the extrajudicial writings of Supreme Court justices for institutional analysis of the Supreme Court. My argument is that scholars should cast a critical eye over the published works of Supreme Court justices for three principal […]

Life Beyond the Bench: On Writing

Today, I put in my first full day of writing. This morning, before getting started, I spent a little under an hour staring at my computer screen, drinking coffee, looking over my notes, and surfing the web, waiting for inspiration to strike. When I thought about the long drafting process ahead of me and all […]

Life Beyond the Bench: Summer Research Update II

In the month since I last wrote, I’ve been fully immersed in reading the rest of my source materials (published works of Supreme Court justices). After reading contemporary works by Sonia Sotomayor, William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, and Stephen Breyer, I decided to delve into some older works written during the Warren Court: The Memoirs of […]