Bowers v. Hardwick: Dissent that calls for “the right to be let alone.”

The discrimination against gay persons can be dated back to the colonial ages, and in the 1980s, the conservative views on sexual orientation were still prevailing, as the outbreak of AIDS partially contributed to the mindset. The democratic process of most U.S. states then was largely affected by the nation’s morality system and produced laws […]

Cases I’m Studying

Understanding precedents is a crucial step to take in order to explore myths in the common law system. And since I definitely need to refer to those precedents in future analysis, I started from digesting landmark dissenting opinions that involve the animated civil rights topic in recent years: lgbt rights. I compiled two groups of […]

A Quick Review of What Judicial Dissent Has Done

Over the first week of my research, I went over several literatures on the history of dissenting opinions of the Supreme Court, and had an overview regarding the driving forces of such practice and its potential impact. Although a number of court opinions were controversial at their times and some remained to be controversial until […]