Analyzing Landmark Criminal Justice Cases within the Warren Court

For my Upperclassman Monroe research project, I will have to look into specific cases that the Warren Court reviewed having to do with criminal justice in order to compile a complete list of resources from which I can pull my date from. I will have to establish what cases constitute as dealing with criminal justice […]

Beyond the Bench: Final Thoughts

After a few weeks’ worth of writing, I’ve produced a draft of my final research essay that I’m quite pleased with. After getting over the initial panic of starting a long paper, I really enjoyed crafting my final essay and reviewing all of the fascinating extrajudicial works by Supreme Court justices I had the pleasure […]

Beyond the Bench: Evaluating the Role of Memoir and Autobiography

In this post, I’d like to narrow my focus a bit from extrajudicial writings in general to the role of memoir and autobiography in institutional analysis of the Supreme Court. Of the eleven books by Supreme Court justices I read this summer, three could appropriately be classified as memoir or autobiography: The Memoirs of Chief […]