Final Update & Project Summary

My final project has taken on a much different identity than I was originally planning for it to. While my original goal was to sample many different sexual education curricula from various high schools in New York, obtaining such information proved extremely difficult and ultimately did not end up panning out the way I had […]

Final Thoughts – Victorian Visionaries: Painting the Pre-Raphaelites for the 21st Century

Self-Portrait Finished thumbnail

Well, I’m back in Williamsburg, which means the summer is truly over. It’s been a wonderful whirlwind of research and art, and I’m excited to see my final product completed.  I learned more than I had expected to: about the Pre-Raphaelites’ art and my own abilities. The process itself was a constructive experience in regards […]

Project Summary

This summer I was researching how tourism could be used as a means of economic development in the Caribbean. Being a native of the region, this topic was of personal interest to me.  I spent some time reading the literature and came to certain realizations after a few weeks:  (1) Caribbean islands had few options […]