PVDF Printer: Summary

We figured out how to print and then pole PVDF in separate processes, we figured out how to make a ceramic Olsson block, and we designed a 3D printer that could print PVDF while poling at high potentials, but couldn’t make all of the parts of the 3D printer work together in concert to make […]

Summary post

At the beginning of the summer, my advisor told me that his primary goal for me this summer was to have me become familiar with the experiment so I’ll be more prepared when the school year begins.  I remember how confused I was when I first arrived at JLab- everyone was talking about components I’d […]

Bread Science Summer Summary

Well friends, we’ve come to the end of a yeast-filled summer. It has been three months full of kneading, waiting, baking, blogging, and enjoying the knowledge that bread can bring us. I’m not just talking about the various conclusions that I’ve been able to draw from my experiments. I’m also referring to the apparent simplicity […]