Bread Science Summer Summary

Well friends, we’ve come to the end of a yeast-filled summer. It has been three months full of kneading, waiting, baking, blogging, and enjoying the knowledge that bread can bring us. I’m not just talking about the various conclusions that I’ve been able to draw from my experiments. I’m also referring to the apparent simplicity […]

Electrophysiological correlates of age-related changes in spatial working memory (Summary)

Thanks so much to anyone who kept up with this project on the blog! In case you missed a post (or if this is the first one you’re reading), here’s what I’ve been up to this summer… I was continuing the research we’ve been working on in Professor Kieffaber’s Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab. We spent the […]

That’s a Wrap!

Summer Holiday (well, at least this version of it) is officially done! I never would have thought that this process would be as involved as it was. I even simplified quite a bit from my original plan, and I still ended up in a bit over my head. I didn’t at all anticipate having to […]