That’s a Wrap!

Summer Holiday (well, at least this version of it) is officially done! I never would have thought that this process would be as involved as it was. I even simplified quite a bit from my original plan, and I still ended up in a bit over my head. I didn’t at all anticipate having to […]

A Summary

I have finished my story map. Actually, finished is a loose term because I hope to get some feedback on it before trying to share it more broadly, but I have finished enough that I have a product I am very proud of. When I last posted I was still struggling to find a direction […]

Final Update & Project Summary

My final project has taken on a much different identity than I was originally planning for it to. While my original goal was to sample many different sexual education curricula from various high schools in New York, obtaining such information proved extremely difficult and ultimately did not end up panning out the way I had […]