Track and Predict the Growth of the Rising E-sports Industry

E-sports is a form of sports where players and teams compete with each other using video games. It is mostly coordinated by different leagues, scales, and tournaments, where players join teams and organizations sponsored by various companies. The number of video game players has been growing at a rate of 10 to 15 percent per […]

Blog Post 1: Franchise Quarterbacks

I recommend reading my abstract, which provides background information on the topic and project, before this blog post. A note on naming conventions: When referring to a season, or a team from a particular season, the official NFL convention is to refer to it as the year that the regular season took place. This […]

Update 3: Crunching Numbers

Well, I’ve been crunching numbers on and off all month so far.  This isn’t my last update (which will follow in another week), but it’s pretty close.  I’ve managed to finish my data analysis, and I’m currently in the process of finishing my rough draft (which I will then get proofread as many times as […]