Update 4: Race and Politics

I am nearly done with my paper and have completed the base structure of what I hoped to write. I really like how the paper has turned out in the way it is structured. It blends football information and historical information both separately and together at different points. I wanted to to write a paper […]

Early Reflection on Race and Politics Writing

I am in the process of writing the paper based on my research of the integration of Alabama’s football team. I believe I have a good and interesting story so far that weaves between discussing the events happening around the football program and social and political occurrences happening in the 1950s-70s. The book I found […]

Reaction to research on Alabama Football Integration (Post 2)

After doing research for a few weeks, I am now beginning to start writing on my topic. I have read a number of really interesting articles and newspaper articles ranging from the last five years to decades ago. It has been an interesting and new experience going through the archives of publications like the New […]