Abstract: Comparative Study of the Spanish and Syrian Civil Wars

The Spanish civil war (1936-1939) and the current conflict in Syria (2011-present) are both cases in which states backed different domestic factions believing that the outcome of the civil wars would change the regional balance of power. This paper examines both conflicts and proposes three lessons for states to consider before intervening in a civil […]

Conclusion – Navarre Book History

I’ve finally reach the end of this project, or rather this stage of the project since I will be continuing my research into senior year as an honors thesis. It has been a challenging, but engaging process. I made it through 5 hours a day of transcription for 4 weeks in Spain, one week at […]

3rd update – Spanish Book History Website

Hello there again! I promised that I would post again once I was working on the final products of my project, the website and the paper. The website is basically finished. It has taken me basically the entire week to finish it, apart from a day at the Library of Congress. My goal is to […]