Final Summary: Space and Society in the Urban Development of Newport, Rhode Island

I have just finished putting together and polishing my final project this morning. Since I conducted my research chronologically with time at the end of each section to synthesize my notes and write a portion of my final paper, assembling the final product has luckily been less of a mammoth task and more of an […]

Weeks 6-8: Tourists, Maps, and Newport vs. Williamsburg

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.52.34 AM

Moving into the Newport’s contemporary history has raised one major urban issue: that of commercial tourism. Since August is the height of the summer tourist season, I have been able to observe the flood of tourists first-hand while simultaneously reading academic understandings of the phenomenon, gaining a better sense of its historical roots. The tourist […]

Weeks 3-5: The Gilded Age in Newport

Ayrault Street

Since finishing the earlier chronological period of my research I have moved into research on the decades preceding the Gilded Age and the Gilded Age itself. This period has the most existing scholarship to sift through but is also the period with which I was most familiar when my research began, as historic preservation in […]