Week 6 Update: Korean American Christians in Northern Virginia

I ended up modifying the procedure to not handle sermon notes. Once I did, a couple pastors got back to me. I got one interview done and I’m planning to get the rest done before I get back to school. For this coming week, I’m going to start drafting my final paper and hopefully get […]

Week 5, 6.5 Update: Korean American Christians in NoVA

I have been contacted by more pastors who responded with interest to my project, but I found a common concern – sermon notes. It turns out that not all of the pastors keep their sermon notes and even if they do have sermon notes, they are concerned that the notes may be misused for my […]

Week 4 Korean American Christians in NoVA

I ended up sending 32 emails to different churches with a specified deadline for them to respond. The deadline was last Friday and so far I’ve gotten responses from only around 6 churches. I’m starting to feel the stressed from the time crunch because I now only have 2 weeks to complete my interviews and 1 […]