LGBTQ Content Filtering: Final Summary Post

This project has become something much different than what I originally set out to do. Although I wanted to focus more on the algorithmic aspects of these issues, I underestimated how secretive Facebook is with specifics like these. I still have learned a great deal about the issues still facing the LGBTQ community on Facebook, […]

LGBTQ Content Filtering: Update #7

Although I have learned a lot from this project, there are still so many issues I did not have time to fully look into. Although there is monetized content on Facebook besides advertisements, there have not been as many reports of content demonetization here as on other platforms. Notably being Youtube and its owner Google, […]

LGBTQ Content Filtering: Update #6

In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, an investigation by the House Intelligence Committee revealed there were approximately 3000 ads bought and ran by the “Russia-based Internet Research Agency between 2015 and 2017.” The purpose of these ads was not to support any one candidate in the election, but to gain following among groups […]