Update 4: Moving Beyond “Just Facts” Curriculum

We’ve all had to create powerpoints at one time or another during our academic careers, but never have I been so intensely focused or picky on the powerpoints I’ve been creating for my trial curriculum. So far, I have ten general topics that I want to cover in my curriculum: abstinence, consent and sexual assault, […]

Update 3: Diving into Curriculum Design

With just over a month left to go, I am diving head first into drafting a sexual health curriculum of my own. For this stage, I plan on returning to focus on the state of New York, as New York has a decent amount of requirements for sexual health classes when compared to other states. […]

Update 2: Wealth = Health

Ask any public health expert what the largest predictor of health is and you are almost guaranteed to receive the answer “socioeconomic status” or some variation. The longer I spend investing issues of public health, the more I realize how true the equation I propose in this post’s title sadly is. More recently I’ve taken […]