Final Update & Project Summary

My final project has taken on a much different identity than I was originally planning for it to. While my original goal was to sample many different sexual education curricula from various high schools in New York, obtaining such information proved extremely difficult and ultimately did not end up panning out the way I had […]

Update 4: Moving Beyond “Just Facts” Curriculum

We’ve all had to create powerpoints at one time or another during our academic careers, but never have I been so intensely focused or picky on the powerpoints I’ve been creating for my trial curriculum. So far, I have ten general topics that I want to cover in my curriculum: abstinence, consent and sexual assault, […]

Update 1: The Need for a Common Curriculum in High School Sexual Health Education

The past few weeks have been both a reminder of the difficulty of research, but also rewarding. I reached out to a total of twenty-four high school administrators at the beginning of this project asking if they would be willing to allow their school’s health teachers to be a part of my research, either through […]