The Effect of Various Flours on the Classic Sandwich Loaf (Update #4)

The black buckwheat flour dough

Hello all! This week’s first bake was the classic sandwich loaf! The sandwich loaf is a surprisingly time-consuming creation that doesn’t get made in the home very much anymore due to the proliferation of store-bought breads that fill millions of lunchboxes around the nation every single day. One of the quickest and most scrumptious meals […]

The Effect of Egg Treatment on Challah Density (Update #2)

The kitchen is ready for round 2!

Yesterday I finished up baking my 12 loaves of challah and took measurements for each trial. Over a period of 6 hours I prepared 6 different batches of dough (one extra because I forgot to vary anything in the second batch that I prepared – so, hey, extra control data and extra yummy bread) which […]

Pitas and Pocket Size (Update #1)

Ready to go!

The baker in me has been on a golden-crusted rollercoaster of emotions for the past three days. Promising myself that I would start my bread science research project after my sister moved to Paris, I felt a sense of both eagerness and loneliness as I returned home from the airport as the only child in the house. Then […]