The Effect of Sponge Age on Sourdough Characteristics (Update #10)


Look, I promise this is the last time this summer that I will be posting about bread and how cool it is. If the posts have been too much I am sorry. On the other hand, if you’ve been enjoying reading about my floured adventure then this is a bittersweet (or maybe…sour) moment. I know […]

A Gluten-Free Extravaganza! (Update #9)


Hello people! Earlier in the summer I attempted an experiment to improve upon the basic yeasted sandwich loaf by using different flours to see if they had an effect on height, texture, and the overall viability of a loaf for its desired purpose. In this past experiment, which was based on a recipe that assumed the […]

The Mystery of Naan (Update #8)


Yesterday’s bake was a quasi-experiment. It was combination of scientific method and curiosity that yielded tasty results. I whipped up 30 naan breads and filled four of my five trials with a different vegetable combination. The control trial had no filling. Now, reading this you might be thinking, “Jonny, why did you spend four hours yesterday […]