Update 2: Мост Ахмата Кадырова

Akhmad Kadyrov Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

In my last post, I wrote about the scholarly works on Akhmad Kadyrov I was reading. Now, in St. Petersburg, I’ve been focused on another lens through which to view his legacy—the Akhmad Kadyrov bridge, located on the outskirts of the city. I’ve been to the bridge, as well as analyzed local, contemporaneous news stories […]

Depictions of Empire: Soviet Film and the Creation of the Imperial Myth

Всем привет, и добро пожаловать! My name is Callaway Sprinkle and I’m delighted to be pursuing this research project on a couple of topics I’m fascinated with. I’m a double-major in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies and International Relations at the College. This will be my third summer during which I’ve gone to Russia, but this […]