Total Eclipse of the Heart *turn around bright eyes*

And so the day has come and gone! We made good time down to Charleston and back, thankfully avoiding much of the forecasted traffic on I95. The day before the eclipse, we set out into the city to investigate where viewing events might be happening around the city. We started the day at the College […]

Website, Research, Nostalgia

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After roaming the country and constantly being on the move, these past couple of days just sitting behind my laptop felt nice at first. Well, maybe for two hours. Now I’m restless, especially since my research just has me reliving both grandpa’s and my journey in my head. A lot of what I’ve been doing […]

Newly found files add intrigue and depth

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“Adventure is routine with us now, only time things are dull is when the engine is running,” my Grandfather wrote home to his mother. I have been diving in to my Grandfather’s writing, letters home, and “personal abstract” written later in life. Even though he passed away in 2010, I am very lucky that he […]