Chinese Development in Africa: Final Post

So, this is the end, but not really, since I plan to continue throughout this semester. However, I’ll go ahead and wrap this up with some reflections and what I learned. I am happy to say that this research has taught me a lot about Stata, ArcGIS, and troubleshooting data organization issues. Therefore, future projects […]

Chinese Development in Africa: Post Three

For this post, I would like to discuss the process I went through to put together my data and what I was hoping to do had there been time. I had downloaded DHS data recoded for births. This data has separate survey responses from the women interviewed for every child ever born to them. I […]

Chinese Development in Africa: Post Two

At this point in the summer, I have begun to hate Stata, ArcGIS, Excel, and data organization in general. The good thing is that I’m learning a lot about these programs and how to troubleshoot data problems. I have run a few dozen append and merge functions in Stata to find the majority spring up […]