Update: Research on Catalan Independence Movement

The research is…going. I can’t deny that I wish I had made more progress by now; however, I have found the information I’ve been reading about quite interesting, so that helps. I’ve discovered (or rather, reaffirmed) that I struggle with distant deadlines. I’m most productive under pressure, so perhaps with August looming in the near […]

Update 1: (Belatedly) Sharing Insights from the Infant Formula Industry

Apologies for the delayed posting of my first blog! Since I’m both researching and interning in Washington D.C. this summer, I’m dynamically learning about time management, work-based harmony, and task completion. This blog post details the research I conducted in the first three weeks of May. Since my research process is segmented around my internship, […]

Post 5: Closing Remarks

I want to end this series of blog posts by expressing my gratitude for this summer. Over the course of a couple of months, I analyzed the data for my Monroe project, wrote a paper and submitted it with my research mentor, created and ran 60+ participants for another study, and ended with a new […]