Atlanta Metro Booming Update 2


Since my last update, I have found a reliable and simple source for my population data. The IPUMS dataset from National Historic GIS is easy to access and transfer into a GIS program. As a result, I will spend less of my time searching and cleaning data and more time making maps and analyzing results. […]

Economics of Religion: Race, Faith, and Community – Abstract

As religion informs the values and beliefs of many Americans, religion plays a role in economic development. Previous research already shows that certain aspects of communities affect economic outcomes; this research project seeks to determine the distinct role of religious communities in influencing economic outcomes like education and income levels. Drawing upon the previous work of Jonathan Gruber (2005), whose […]

Final Update: Sports and Politics

My paper is now 100% finished with all edits and citations. I’m proud to say that my final product was a paper much deeper in scope and longer in length than I anticipated. I expected to write a 15-20 page comparison between modern examples of politics in sports and past ones. Rather, my paper changed […]